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State of Caring report 2019

A snapshot of unpaid care in the UK   Each year, Carers UK carries out a survey of carers to understand the state of caring in the UK. Over 8,000 carers and former carers shared their experience of what it’s like to be a carer. This report provides a snapshot of caring in 2019 by only including the responses from the 7,525 people who are currently providing care. This is the largest State of Caring survey carried out by Carers UK to date.

Date Published: 9th July 2019
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The Annual Bullying Survey 2019

This year, we are celebrating our seventh annual edition of this crucial body of evidence; documenting the true extent and nature of bullying behaviours from the real and often unheard voices of the young people who experience it.   Our research continues to influence policy and innovation within the anti- bullying sector; whilst empowering educators and various other stakeholders to make more informed decisions in the prevention of bullying.   We continue to utilise this vital research in our own work; powering the development of innovative new support interventions, ultimately aiding our mission to combat bullying.   As always, 50% of the report benchmarks bullying...

Date Published: 11th November 2019
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UCAS 2020 Cycle Applicant Figures – 15 October Deadline

UCAS University Applications: Statistical release published on 7 November, providing core numbers for the 2020 October 15th application deadline, comparison data over ten cycles, and graphical illustrations of key trends.

Date Published: 7th November 2019
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Exploring Mental Health Inpatient Capacity

The pressure on mental health inpatient services in England is growing, and the impact of this pressure on people who use these services and on clinical staff cannot be underestimated. Staff working in mental health units want to deliver safe and effective services for patients, but these aims are severely challenged when wards are fully occupied. The use of inappropriate out of area placements means that individuals are separated from their families and social networks for the duration of their inpatient care. Of even more concern is that people who have received inpatient care out of...

Date Published: 6th November 2019
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