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Wellcome Global Monitor – How does the world feel about science and health?

Wellcome Global Monitor is the first study of public attitudes to science and health on a global scale, conducting nationally representative surveys of people aged 15 years or older in over 140 countries. We spoke directly to over 140,000 people around the world. The survey covers topics such as whether people trust science, scientists, and information about health, the levels of understanding and interest in science and health, the benefits of science, the compatibility of religion and science, and attitudes to vaccines. The report explores how attitudes vary by characteristics such as nationality, gender, income,...

Date Published: 19th June 2019
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What Is Resilience Anyway? A Review

The Arts Council commissioned Golant Media to carry out research seeking answers to three questions:
  • How is resilience currently understood in the arts and culture sector?
  • Are organisations becoming more resilient and, if so, how are they doing this?​
  • What opportunities might there be to develop the sector’s resilience in the future?​
  The report is the result of the research which used a number of approaches including a literature review, extensive quantitative and qualitative surveys, a number of workshops and one to one interviews with experts, academics and practitioners.

Date Published: 25th September 2018
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