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Underground Lives – Homelessness and Modern Slavery in London

Modern slavery is a horrific crime that turns a profit from the brutal exploitation of vulnerable people. In 2018, nearly 7,000 men, women and children were identified by First Responder organisations suspected to have been sold for sex, forced labour, forced to commit crimes or held as slaves in people’s homes. Tens of thousands more people are believed to remain trapped in the UK. Victims of modern slavery have suffered unimaginable trauma at the hands of their exploiters. Psychological manipulation, starvation, degradation, violence, abuse and rape are just some of the control mechanisms that are regularly used to force...

Date Published: 15th October 2019
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An Intergenerational Audit for the UK: 2019

Intergenerational issues are on the political, policy and research agenda in Britain in 2019, and their salience is rising. The Intergenerational Commission, hosted by the Resolution Foundation during 2016-18, was one element of a growing focus on the experiences of different cohorts compared to predecessors at the same age.   While large majorities across age groups in Britain believe that each successive generation should have a better life than the one before, pessimists about the prospects of today’s younger generation outnumber optimists by two-to-one. A body of analysis showed that in a range of areas related to economic living standards, this...

Date Published: 20th June 2019
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