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Eat to Learn, Learn to Eat

An investigation using change management to assess the impact of good nutrition on health, behaviour, and learning amongst vulnerable students in a special school environment. Over a six-month period (December 2018 to May 2019) various pre- and post-measures were taken before the healthy lunches were introduced from the start of January 2019. The results demonstrated some positive outcomes, although no correlation can necessarily be drawn between the introduction of healthy meals and the improved outcomes due to the number of confounding variables which could not be controlled for. Nonetheless, it was a worthwhile exercise in change management, and provided...

Date Published: 10th October 2019
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Changing cultures: Transforming leadership in the arts, museums and libraries

Arts Council England commissioned King's College London and Sue Hoyle to conduct research on how leadership is being developed in the arts, museums and libraries in England. The research aims to help us understand how leadership values and behaviours relate to organisational outcomes, and to determine how interventions work to develop executive leadership skills.   The evidence underpinning the findings in this report was drawn from four sources: a rapid evidence assessment, an online survey, interviews and focus groups.   This report, together with the research into arts sector leadership, skills and workforces by Consilium, will help us to understand the state...

Date Published: 25th September 2018
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