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Teacher Labour Market in Wales

The recruitment, development and retention of teachers and school leaders is a crucial underpinning for a successful education system. Ensuring there are sufficient numbers of high-quality teachers employed in schools is necessary for the school system to deliver a high-quality education for all children and young people, particularly as the Curriculum for Wales is being introduced.   NFER’s annual Teacher Labour Market in Wales report aims to analyse the state of the Welsh teacher labour market by measuring the key indicators and trends of teacher recruitment and retention. This is the first of three annual reports funded by the Nuffield Foundation,...

Date Published: 28th July 2020
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Insights and Inspiration – Exploring the impact of guest speakers in schools

Teachers teach because they care about young people and the futures they will have. Their passion is an investment in potential. Guest speakers are one key lever among many that schools use to inspire young people about possible futures and what it might take to reach them, as well as broaden students’ horizons to see the world outside of their classroom and local community.   In this study, we’ve conducted primary research with schools across our networks to create three new UK datasets. Such schools have typically engaged with or shown interest in services to bring employers into their practice....

Date Published: 11th October 2019
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TALIS 2018 Results – Teachers and School Leaders as Lifelong Learners – Volume 1

Volume One - Teachers and School Leaders as Lifelong Learners   Do teachers spend more time on actual teaching and learning in a typical lesson compared to previous years? Do they feel prepared to teach when they start teaching? What sort of continuous professional development programmes do they participate in and how does it impact their practice? This report looks first at how teachers apply their knowledge and skills in the classroom in the form of teaching practices, with an accompanying assessment of the demographic makeup of those classrooms and the school climate to provide context on learning environments. The...

Date Published: 19th June 2019
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Improving Behaviour in Schools – Guidance Report

This guidance is applicable to primary and secondary school settings. It is hoped that most of the guidance will be useful for class teachers, while all should be relevant to senior leaders who are considering school behaviour policies and approaches. Further audiences who may find the guidance relevant include other school staff, governors, parents, policymakers, and educational researchers. Some elements will also be applicable to those in Early Years settings, though they are not the main audience and the evidence literature consulted was for those aged 4-18.   The strategies outlined should be helpful in schools and classrooms where behaviour is...

Date Published: 7th June 2019
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