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Free schools in England: 2019 report

Free schools are new, state-funded schools that are independent of local authorities. They were one of the flagship education reforms introduced by the 2010 Coalition Government, based on a similar concept in Sweden and charter schools in the United States and Canada.   The first free schools opened in September 2011 and they now number over 500, and are in every region in England. In September 2019, the prime minister confirmed a renewed commitment to the free schools programme, with a further 220 set to open over the coming years.   In November 2017 the Education Policy Institute published its first...

Date Published: 17th October 2019
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Youth Hostel Association 18/19 Impact Review

Today YHA is a leading charity. We are a successful social enterprise, and one of the UK’s largest membership organisations. We have a history to be proud of, a trusted brand and a loyal supporter base. We are a youth organisation, but we serve all ages – providing adventures, opportunities and employment. We own and maintain properties of local significance.   While we are not primarily an environmental organisation, we are well placed to contribute to the protection of the natural world. We are not a mental health organisation, but residentials, physical activity, being outdoors and access to culture all lead...

Date Published: 23rd July 2019
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