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The Annual Bullying Survey 2019

This year, we are celebrating our seventh annual edition of this crucial body of evidence; documenting the true extent and nature of bullying behaviours from the real and often unheard voices of the young people who experience it.   Our research continues to influence policy and innovation within the anti- bullying sector; whilst empowering educators and various other stakeholders to make more informed decisions in the prevention of bullying.   We continue to utilise this vital research in our own work; powering the development of innovative new support interventions, ultimately aiding our mission to combat bullying.   As always, 50% of the report benchmarks bullying...

Date Published: 11th November 2019
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Underground Lives – Homelessness and Modern Slavery in London

Modern slavery is a horrific crime that turns a profit from the brutal exploitation of vulnerable people. In 2018, nearly 7,000 men, women and children were identified by First Responder organisations suspected to have been sold for sex, forced labour, forced to commit crimes or held as slaves in people’s homes. Tens of thousands more people are believed to remain trapped in the UK. Victims of modern slavery have suffered unimaginable trauma at the hands of their exploiters. Psychological manipulation, starvation, degradation, violence, abuse and rape are just some of the control mechanisms that are regularly used to force...

Date Published: 15th October 2019
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Would I be helped?: Cross-national CCTV footage shows that intervention is the norm in public conflicts

Half a century of research on bystander behavior concludes that individuals are less likely to intervene during an emergency when in the presence of others than when alone. By contrast, little is known regarding the aggregated likelihood that at least someone present at an emergency will do something to help. The importance of establishing this aggregated intervention baseline is not only of scholarly interest but is also the most pressing question for actual public victims—will I receive help if needed?   The current article describes the largest systematic study of real-life bystander intervention in actual public conflicts captured by surveillance...

Date Published: 7th June 2019
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