The National Association of Independent Schools & Non-Maintained Special Schools

NASS is a membership organisation working with and for special schools in the independent, voluntary and private sectors within the UK. NASS is proud of its role in improving opportunities and standards for special schools outside of Local Authority control. NASS is the voice of the non-maintained special school sector. They promote the role of high quality specialist provision within a modern inclusive education service that respects the choices of children, their families and carers. NASS works in close partnership with member schools, other SEND organisations and central government to achieve this.

Book of Case Studies: Special School Leaders


A collection of case studies from special school leaders. This book is the result of a year long leadership programme delivered by NASS and AKN Consulting for leaders of independent schools and non-maintained special schools. As part of the programme participants designed and implemented leadership projects within their schools and these are their stories. The eight case studies within cover structural changes, staff re-organisation, implementing new initiatives and new approaches for assessing and improving outcomes for children.


Edited by Anita Kerwin-Nye and Matt Overd. Foreword by NASS Chief Executive Claire Dorer.


Download as a pdf here