Durham Commission on Creativity and Education

The Commission is a joint research collaboration between Durham University and Arts Council England, convened to look at the role creativity and creative thinking should play in the education of young people.
The Commission was appointed in response to the strength of opinion across the business, education and public sectors that young people are emerging into a world in which the skills and knowledge of the current education system will no longer be sufficient.
Young people are growing up in a global environment that is increasingly complex and increasingly permeated by technology. They will face challenges that can only be overcome by deep knowledge and understanding allied to the interdisciplinary and collaborative skills that are characterised by creative thinking. These challenges are economic (the rise of automation and the widespread use of information technology, globalisation and the shift of global economic power), environmental (climate change and its impacts) and societal (mental health in young people, the need to establish strong communities where social and economic structures have been eroded).

Date Published: 11th October 2019
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Arts Council England and Durham University asked some of the Commissioners for their thoughts. Here's what they said...

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