Exploring moving to home education in secondary schools

Children should have access to good-quality education so that they can make the most of whatever opportunities life may hold. Children deserve the best education, whether this is full time in school, at home or in other alternative arrangements.
Home education is a valid choice for educating children in an alternative way to school. The Department for Education’s (DfE) ‘Elective home education – guide for parents’ recognises that educating children at home works well when the decision to home-educate has been a positive choice and carried out with a proper regard for the child’s needs.
It is important that the decision to home-educate is a positive one for all concerned. We are concerned about increasing evidence that home education can be a last resort for some families when relationships have broken down between schools and children or parents.
This small, exploratory study in the East Midlands investigates moving to home education from secondary school, as opposed to at other times.3 The research pays particular attention to children moving to home education as a means to resolve issues at school.
In our inspections, research and analysis, our aim is to support the interests of children and learners first and foremost. For many parents and children, home education may be the preferred method of education. In highlighting moving to home education where it was not, we aim to better support the interests of children.

Date Published: 15th October 2019
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