I first started to become interested in structures within schools when I began working as an outreach teacher visiting deaf children in schools throughout Staffordshire. As an outreach teacher, it is important to get to know the structures in place within a school in order to ensure that the support that we put in place is effective throughout the school.
After a few visits to different schools, I quickly realised that, although all schools follow the same basic frameworks, that no two schools are the same! I recognised that every school has a very different feel to it, this quickly became apparent from as early on as entering the reception area. Many schools felt like highly organised and professional organisations whereas others felt less so. I have come to believe that having a carefully thought through, well planned and implemented overall structure in place is key to ensuring that a school best serves the people within it, namely: the children; their families and all the staff involved, either directly or indirectly.

Date Published: 10th October 2019
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This case study is included in Special School Leaders

A collection of case studies from special school leaders. This book is the result of a year long leadership programme delivered by NASS and AKN Consulting for leaders of independent schools and non-maintained special schools. As part of the programme participants designed and implemented leadership projects within their schools and these are their stories. The eight case studies within cover structural changes, staff re-organisation, implementing new initiatives and new approaches for assessing and improving outcomes for children.
Edited by Anita Kerwin-Nye and Matt Overd. Foreword by NASS Chief Executive Claire Dorer.
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