Youth Hostel Association 18/19 Impact Review

Today YHA is a leading charity. We are a successful social enterprise, and one of the UK’s largest membership organisations. We have a history to be proud of, a trusted brand and a loyal supporter base. We are a youth organisation, but we serve all ages – providing adventures, opportunities and employment. We own and maintain properties of local significance.
While we are not primarily an environmental organisation, we are well placed to contribute to the protection of the natural world. We are not a mental health organisation, but residentials, physical activity, being outdoors and access to culture all lead to increased wellbeing. We are not a hotel chain, but we must maintain the highest standards for overnight stays, food and customer service. We are big, we are diverse and we are stable.
In 2018/19:

  • 938,051 people stayed, using YHA as their affordable base to follow active pursuits
  • 411,643 of these were young people staying with their families, schools or groups
  • 104,799 young people took part in YHA-led activities
  • 542 families with challenging lives received supported breaks
  • 947 young people volunteered
  • 224 young people completed a hostel placement

Inside our impact review, you’ll find a bank of evidence that includes a number of case studies.

Date Published: 23rd July 2019
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