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COVID-19 and Social Mobility Impact Brief #5: Graduate Recruitment and Access to the Workplace

The COVID-19 pandemic has already had a considerable impact on Britain’s job market. Job vacancies have reduced by 65% compared to the same period last year with thousands of jobs already lost and just under a third of businesses planning to cut the size of their workforce in the next three months. The Office for Budget responsibility has predicted that overall unemployment (which stood at 3.9% between March and May this year) could rise to as high as 13% in the wake of the crisis; considerably higher than following the 2008 recession, when it reached a high of 8%....

Date Published: 29th July 2020
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Envisioning the Future of Education and Jobs

The report looks at the future of education and jobs and the challenges and opportunities presented by the Fourth Industrial Revolution. It concluded that the skills mismatch observed in the labour market has its roots in primary school, and that giving all children, regardless of gender and social background, the same chance to meet professionals in a variety of fields is the key to widening their view of the world of work.   This report, the product of a collaboration between the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and the UK-based charity, Education and Employers, offers a glimpse of how...

Date Published: 23rd January 2019
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